In 2019, we met in Rome. We had just moved to the Eternal City.

We quickly agreed that Rome is an extraordinary city, and that tourists only know it as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountains… but Rome is also full of treasures off the beaten track!

A guided jog through the ruins or along the banks of the Tiber, learning to speak with your hands like a true Italian, an aperitif by the sea that’s only 45 minutes away, a classical music rave party that goes on until the early hours, a moment of relaxation at the thermal baths like the ancient Romans.

You’ll be introduced to all these places of interest, all these nuggets that the Romans love.

So we launched Weekend in Rome events to share with our customers the countless discoveries they’ve made in Rome over the years… 

We soon had corporate clients who put their trust in us, and we continue to work with a taste for discovery and a desire to make our clients happy.


Barbara - Responsable commerciale



Barbara has spent as much time in France as she has in Italy. That’s why she’s the ideal guide to whet your appetite, awaken your taste buds and open your eyes, always with that dual Franco-Italian sensibility. She’ll take you on a treasure hunt of the senses and the arts.

Laeticia - Service client - Rédactrice



For her first expatriation, Sophie arrived in Rome and fell in love with it, as many people do. She quickly joined the gang and put her expertise in management standards to good use. This was fundamental in setting up the operating processes for Weekend in Rome. Being creative isn’t enough, you also have to know how to get organised. And she’s been having fun ever since!


Louise notre photographe



After studying in France and working in London, Louise is an advertising photographer based in Rome who loves to pass on her passion. She’s curious about all things architectural and artistic, and loves cities on the move. With her, you’ll get a dynamic view of her city, particularly the districts of Prati, Borgo and the historic centre. She’ll put you in the spotlight.

Diva parle avec les mains



Diva is a specialist in urban communities and cultural heritage. She gives talks across Italy on the use of language in society and its formulation in different regional languages. An expert on European cultural issues, she travels between London, Paris and Berlin to take part in projects for Erasmus students.


Stefano notre guide course et dégustation de vin



An Italian-English journalist specialising in health and oenology, Stefano is also a sommelier. A keen traveller, long-distance runner and wine lover, he has criss-crossed Italy, France and Europe, discovering the most interesting grape varieties and even opening a wine library in Lithuania. He has created ‘secretcellars.it’, a website that introduces you to Italy and its wines. His credo: you can go for a good jog and then taste the wonders of wine. Both are a hymn to life. He runs competitively over 10 and 21 km and meditates with a fine wine.

Silverio, notre guide officiel à Rome pour les visites en vélo, Segway, etc.



Silverio is a former police officer and doctor of political science. He hosts and organises numerous conferences on the history of Rome. His approach is to present Rome in chronological, geopolitical, social and geological terms. His talent is to describe ancient Rome in such detail that it gives you the impression of living there every day. He organises his tours on foot, electric bike, Vespa and even a Segway. Segway the guide!


Colomban guide pour week-end à Rome



Colomban is a young French guide. After growing up in the Paris region, he crossed the Alps in 2015 to experience la dolce vita through the ERASMUS exchange programme. The result is a genuine Roman love story. The magic of the legend associated with the Trevi Fountain never betrays itself: whoever honours the monument with an obolio will be offered an accomplished return to the eternal city. After another fruitful experience in Rome in 2017, Colomban will be settling in the Italian capital for good in 2019 to pursue his activities as a journalist and tourist guide. All roads lead to Rome, of course.

Gaëlle vous propose de partager ses promenades à Rome



With a lifelong passion for art and history, and an enriching career as an interior designer, Gaëlle has found Rome the perfect city in which to set down roots.
She can share with you her ‘discovery’ walks, her best photo spots and her good addresses in the Eternal City.

Silvia guide à Rome



With a doctorate in environmental studies and cultural heritage, Silvia is a bilingual, French-speaking official Roman guide. Passionate about art, archaeology and science, she is waiting to take you on a tour of Rome, its wonders, its must-see places and its secret spots.

Marie, guide officielle à Rome



Originally from Charente, a Parisian by childhood and a Roman for 15 years… After studying classics in hypokhagne and khagne, a master’s degree in history/history of art and 9 months on Erasmus in Rome, I settled in the Eternal City and haven’t left since. As an official guide since 2010, I help French, Italian and English-speaking visitors discover the history of Rome. If I had to give 3 reasons why I stayed in Rome :

  • the humour of the Romans
  • the scent of jasmine in spring
  • and the beauty of the coastline of southern Italy
Justine guide à Rome



Justine fell in love with Italy at an early age, and devoted all her studies to her great love. At the age of 22, she left her native Normandy to settle in the Eternal City. A Roman by adoption and official guide, she shares her knowledge and passion for this city she never tires of.